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About Judy

Judy Fuhrer started her career with a BFA in Dance from The University of Illinois. The BFA curriculum is a rigorous and comprehensive program where she learned not only the study of anatomy, kinesiology, and dance history, but also the body-mind disciplines such as Alexander Technique and yoga.  

After that she was awarded entry into the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater scholarship program where she furthered her education in technique classes, performance and training.  

Judy began a daily practice of yoga in January 1997. Coming from a dancer background, the yoga postures seemed natural, and Judy embraced the discipline of the postures and breath work. She specializes in Yoga for Kids, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Hatha Yoga for beginning through intermediate level students.

Judy's classes challenge her students to go deep and to allow the mind, body and spirit to express itself. Her classes are described as fun, freeing of pain, a relief of stiffness and stress while also relaxing and playful.

Yoga in Alaska

Once you know the basics, you can practice yoga almost anywhere! You’ll still want structured classes once in a while, but it’s nice to be able to do yoga in the park, or at home, or while on vacation, isn’t it?